Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Triscuit and Captain Randomness (a.k.a my sister)

This is Triscuit in my backyard. As you can tell, she is half pointer. Just kidding, she is pure Beagle. I fooled you, right? I think it's time I write about Triscuit who is sprouting like a beanstalk. I guess that fits her because she is seriously growing like at least a half inch per day. I woke up this morning and she looked really tall and when I picked her up, she felt like she weighed ten pounds! Triscuit loves to play with empty water bottles that make a crinkly noise. She is a crazed, hyper maniac. She looks pretty calm in this picture, but I caught her off guard. I think she was trying to figure out what it was I holding and why I was staring at her saying "Triscuit, look over here!" This is my sweet, funny, strange, cute, little sister. She is sporting giant gold-rimmed glasses and is looking like, well I can't decide between 'The Cutest Nerd Ever' or 'Teacher in Need of a Makeover'. Anyways, she is very funny and this hilarious behavior usually occurs everyday. After home-school is over, she is full of steam and is ready to explode. I hope you enjoyed this random post.



Anonymous said...

I love triscuit