Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dogs.....and Why I Love Them

I have two favorite breeds of dogs, the Pomeranian and the Beagle. Ever since I got a Beagle, it is now one of my favorites. I love the breed and respect it for its great nature with kids and hunting skills. The reason the Pomeranian is a great dog is because they are good with kids, make great lap dogs, and can be trained pretty easily.

This is the Pomeranian. I love to write stories about families with dogs. I am currently writing one about a family with two teenage daughters and they breed Pomeranians.

This is not my puppy. This is the most similar picture I could find on the internet. I love Beagles because I have one of my own. I would never give my sweetie up for anything. Though, if Trissy wanted a friend, then I could get one of my sweet Pomeranians.


Leslie said...

I love dogs too! I can't wait for Will to get a little older so We can get one. I don't want to get one now...Who would want to potty train TWO babies??? YUCK. I think I'll wait until he's about four! So happy to see your sweet face on your blog! Love Ya!

Susie said...

That puppy looks exactly like Triscuit! I can tell when you have your own home some day, I better be ready to be greeted by several dogs. Love you, Mom!

Anonymous said...

hey this is already forgotten from you told me to leave a comment!! well i like your background its cute!!