Friday, February 29, 2008


I am so excited that me and my family went to the Zoo in my town, but then again I am really mad because no one took a camera! How am I supposed to put pictures of animals on here for people to enjoy if no one brings a camera ?!? Well, it was still very fun. We have two Bengal Tigers (one male named Saffron and one female named Christa), a reptile room (with like 12 species of snakes), two jaguars (male and female I think but one is black with faint spots), about 8 baboons, two Cotton-Top Tamarins (my absolute favorite:P), an aviary (with ducks, flamingos, parrots, etc), petting zoo (sheep and goats), two Grey Fox, two badgers, one porcupine, two priarie dogs, you know......I better stop listing all these animals. You people are really going to get bored with me. Anyways, it was really super cool and fun. Next time we go I will be sure to take pictures for ya'll. Posting soon again, Ash

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It is finally Thursday. Normally I would have to go to Co-op (group of homeschooled kids who learn different subjects based on age groups), but today is our day off. I go to Art every Thursday as well, but I don't know if I'm going today. My dad has to go back to my hometown (not this town a different one) to get something done on his teeth. I may have to stay with my grandparents, but then again I may get to go shopping with my cousin. I just wanted to say that I am very thankful to have such great family and friends in my life. Without them, I wouldn't have made it through this past year. That's my Thankful Thrusday.
-Ash Please go here to join in on Thankful Thursday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick Cute Thing

I know I just posted, but my sister just did the cutest things with her Webkinz Duck. His name is Kevin. He likes Cheese and Quackers. LOL! I love Webkinz. If it were not Wednesday, I would make a Thankful Thursday post. I am very thankful that I have such a cute and random sister. I am also thankful that God put into someone's mind to make Webkinz. My brother's Kangaroo, Jack, also got himself into the shot.
I am very thankful for these cute Webkinz. Enjoy the pictures! -Ash

Webkinz Love :P

This is all of our Webkinz! They are mine, my sisters, and my brothers all together. There is a White Terrier, Duck, White Yorkie, Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Pink Poodle, Kangaroo, Panda, Beagle (we can't find him so he will not be pictured), Leopard, Schnauzer, and Cow. See if you can spot them all! Okay, yes the White Yorkie looks a lot like a Maltese, but for some reason they call it a White Yorkie. It doesn't even look like a Yorkie! Uggh, whatever. It's not like I make the Webkinz.
Oh, you don't know what Webkinz are; well let me explain to you. They are small plush toys that you can buy at Hallmark, Target, online, or at small local boutiques. You buy them, and then go to their website online. You put in their code that comes on a tag with them, and then start playing with them, feeding them, and dressing them. It's really fun! If your kids are bored at home, buy them a $15 Webkinz and they will play on the computer for hours. Oh and did I mention, they have Lil Kinz. They are mini versions of the big, original Webkinz. Well, I just wanted to share that with everyone. Buy Webkinz!

My New Template

I got this awesome template from a site that my friend Emily showed me. She's really cool and sweet. While I'm talking about friends, I may as well talk about my non-blogger friends. I have many friends in my old hometown (Jordan, Maddie, Allie, Brenny). I really miss and love them. I know Jordan would love this template, she's kind of a rocker. :P -Ash

Beagle Love

This is my puppy. Yes, she is a beagle. She is also a spoiled princesss who gets everything she wants. She is very hyper and crazy, and likes to jump. She is also very loving and sweet, when she's asleep. Yeah, we love her but she can get to be a little bit of a handful.
This is her in her calm state. But don't be fooled, this is a machine of madness. She likes to get poeple to fall into her trap of calmness, then go crazy!


Hi.......................This is my first post. I happy my mom finally gave in and let me get a blog. I'm gonna be writing about my dog, my life, stuff I like, and pretty much anything that pops into my head at the time. I'm very random. So......yeah, that's about it.