Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Webkinz Love :P

This is all of our Webkinz! They are mine, my sisters, and my brothers all together. There is a White Terrier, Duck, White Yorkie, Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Pink Poodle, Kangaroo, Panda, Beagle (we can't find him so he will not be pictured), Leopard, Schnauzer, and Cow. See if you can spot them all! Okay, yes the White Yorkie looks a lot like a Maltese, but for some reason they call it a White Yorkie. It doesn't even look like a Yorkie! Uggh, whatever. It's not like I make the Webkinz.
Oh, you don't know what Webkinz are; well let me explain to you. They are small plush toys that you can buy at Hallmark, Target, online, or at small local boutiques. You buy them, and then go to their website online. You put in their code that comes on a tag with them, and then start playing with them, feeding them, and dressing them. It's really fun! If your kids are bored at home, buy them a $15 Webkinz and they will play on the computer for hours. Oh and did I mention, they have Lil Kinz. They are mini versions of the big, original Webkinz. Well, I just wanted to share that with everyone. Buy Webkinz!


Emily said...

Im going to as soon as I can! I used to have one, but it expired. :(